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Since 1982

Maastricht's first licensed diner. A wine bar with taste. This isn’t a restaurant, it’s more of a living room. It's a smaller variant of the French Grand Café, with the added advantage of a huge outdoor patio in the historic city park in the summer. Café Sjiek has been around since 1982 and is an established part of Maastricht culture. This is where people meet to eat together, enjoy a good glass of wine, or for a riveting conversation. The bar is simply a bar, but one that offers an outstanding menu any restaurant would envy.

Opening hours

Café Sjiek is open on Monday till Friday from 17.00 to 23.00. On Saturday we would like to welcome you from 12.00 till 23.00. On Sundays we are closed.

gratis wifi bij cafe sjiekCafé Sjiek has free WiFi.

We unfortunately do not take bookings, but when it's busy, you're more than welcome to have a coffee at the bar! ;)


The menu chiefly contains fresh, simple dishes from Maastricht and the surrounding region: sauerbraten, game, black pudding and sauerkraut dishes. But Café Sjiek is also well-known for its Verjans tournedos, Arabica pasta and Salad Olivier. Good, simple, proper nosh! We change our menu every day. We offer carefully selected wines by the glass or by the bottle. Our comprehensive wine menu features large and small wine houses from France, Italy and even Maastricht. And they go for a reasonable price, of course.


Owner Robin Berben is a host of the first water and has so much experience in the culinary world that he knows what his epicurean guests want to eat. He painstakingly consults his kitchen brigade when purchasing ingredients so they can then turn fresh ingredients into dishes prepared according to traditional methods. The kitchen staff is made up of experienced chefs, each one with a love of cooking. They will never tire of the cuisine, because Robin tinkers with the menu almost every day. The Sjieke team knows the Sjieke establishment inside and out. You can ask anyone you like in the restaurant for whatever it is you want and they'll sort it out for you!

How does Sjieke make their Sauerbraten? Oh alright then. Here's the recipe:

We support the Friends of Vrienden van Haïti and Fill the cup.


Because we're a small and cosy restaurant, we don't work with bookings. We make no exceptions to this rule, so it can get pretty busy. But have a little faith and you will get your turn.

Opening hours

Café Sjiek is open on Monday till Friday from 17.00 to 23.00. On Saturday we would like to welcome you from 12.00 till 23.00. On Sundays we are closed.

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Would you like to work for us? Do you speak Dutch? If so, send an email with your details to

Café Sjiek apprenticeships

Do you think you'd like to be a part of our business? Are you an up-and-coming talent who wants to do more than peel onions or wash the dishes? We can offer you so much more than that! We can provide a multitude of reasons, aside from our excellent conditions of employment, to work for us. We let people learn on the job and demonstrate that a Grand Café is a great place to learn.

Our instructors are qualified and have the necessary diplomas to lead our students in a pleasant working environment. We ask for you to be driven and enthusiastic above all else. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you fit this profile - send us an email and get to know Café Sjiek.

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